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Society says they are wrong together, but their attraction is undeniable. Ryker thinks that there isn’t room for love during war. Oh, how she is painfully wrong. As the war between Fae and Nymph rages on around them, romance and lust wait at every corner.

Dace, the crownless prince, is a desire she’d rather not admit. Then there is Daethian, her best friend, who is becoming more vocal about his own feelings. Yet, there is a darkness inside her friend that continues to take her by surprise. As things begin to look up, evil takes it's shot at unravelling everything good.

Together they could win this war, if only King Ganglin’s magic didn’t keep ripping them apart.

Madness is book two in a slow burn fantasy romance series featuring creatures readers just can't get enough of. This series includes romance themes intended for readers 18 and over.


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