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Forbidden love. A daring Fae prince. A secret rebellion. And a Nymph with nothing to lose.

Ryker Avery lost everything she ever had on the Day of Ruin; her home, her family, and her pride. When she meets a privileged prince, who's obsessed with visions of her future, she's willing to risk her life for the hope he offers. Prince Dace is as handsome as he is intriguing, but is he worth trusting?

Along with others, whose paths intertwine with their own, they reveal more conspiracies across Stylica. The fight for power quickly becomes a fight for their lives.

NOTE: This is book one of the Ruined by Fae Saga. Ruined has been re-edited with a few scenes expanded on for re-release. A slow burn, tension filled novel with themes intended for readers 18+ you will want to one click today.


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