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Years of planning, one moment that might ruin it all. 

Queen Idalia has worked her entire life to give her family everything they've ever needed. She'll kill for them. She'll play the villain for them. She'd even make a deal with a forgotten god. If only her family could see the good in what she's doing too.

While Idalia readies to make her biggest move yet, Ace and Rehan search for Shelby and the missing Fae Prince. Every bargain they've ever made is finally catching up to them. In this epic conclusion of The Darkest Queens Series, Ace, Shelby, Rehan, & the Queens of Pasia will finally meet their maker.

Not everyone can win. Not everyone can be saved. 

The Last Royal is book four and the final novel in The Darkest Queens Series with themes recommended for readers 18+. This is a page turning, thrilling, fantasy romance with a magical world setting where creatures like Fae, Warlocks, Humans, and even the gods are always at war.

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The Last Royal - PAPERBACK

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