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I dreamed up a sexy fantasy man.

And the iron fae prince has somehow become a chaotic reality.

College and exams are a thing of the past and cruel Queens and dark magic are now trying to kill me on the daily. All because a seer says a true heir to the crown exists: A lost child. A girl. Just like me.

That makes me a target. A threat. A dead woman walking.

Unluckily for me, the asshole iron fae prince is more than happy to risk my fragile soul it seems. He plays a deadly game with my life and all he gives in return is a heartbreaking smile and a touch that blazes sparks right to my core.

His games can’t be played forever. It’ll all come crashing down eventually.

Because soon he’ll see I’m either just a college girl lost in this royal mess of a kingdom…

Or I’m the rightful Mortal Queen.

The Shadow Fae - PAPERBACK

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